the queen is dead

They led me to your soul
I was standing over, then knelt beside
Looking close into the heart
I can still see a pin of light
They tell me that you’re gone
Best to come down from my high
But balanced through with a sum of truth
Does one love ever truly die?

When they cut open your chest
Tried to steal the heart inside
The cyst spilt sin and collapsed within
Was its failure from your mind?
So much labour to protect you
Had I wasted all my time?
It distracts, fighting back the dark
I never saw myself going blind
They tell me “she’s gone”
The agent is reassigned
But they’ve spoke not once of hope
And their reasons are of poor design
I know you to the core
And the conflict’s drawn a line
Do you think that there is no way back
Well I want you now to try

Laying naked on a sheet of tin
They prepared to cut inside
They set their knives upon my gut
To where the illness went to hide
And as they held the meat aloft
The blood let loose into the sky
I just laid there sleeping
Having sent my fear outside
When the ether shot you through
Its arrows through your heart
Did the poison tips brutally eclipse
And leave a blister on your spine?
Up on that bridge, did it call to you?
Did it make you question “why?”
Oh my love, does the calderra fall
As the whispers echo through your mind?

Performed and produced by Michael Bird
Words and music by Michael Bird